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Donít Use Globe Movers!!!


As a public service, I would like to detail to potential customers the problems that we have experienced with Globe Movers (Motto: "We will handle the move... You take care of the rest!").


We recently moved from Michigan to Italy, and contacted Globe Movers to take care of having our personal effects shipped for us. We were told that for a cost of about $3500 this would take approximately 6 weeks. In reality, the move took about 3 1/2 MONTHS! This involved, as can be imagined, many additional costs ($2000 for the additional 8 weeks of the rental car, purchasing of clothing, numerous overseas phone calls, etc.), and much time, energy, frustration, and aggravation. (My wife is a professional musician, and much of her music and a number of her instruments were in this shipment. You can imagine what this was like for her.)


To be honest, some of the delays were possibly unavoidable. We were told that there were some delays with American customs. In addition, they had subcontracted with another transport company that was not able to do all that they promised. But shipping is easy when everything goes well. It is the true measure of a company how they deal with problems as they arise. In this regard, Globe Movers was a disaster:


1) When there were obvious problems with the customs clearance in Italy, they refused to talk to the Italian customs broker, choosing to rely on their subcontractor - even when it was clear that the subcontractor was not up to the task. It fell on my shoulders to call back and forth and negotiate between the customs broker and Globe Movers, trying to resolve the situation. It was only when I threatened legal action that they actually took charge of the situation and changed customs broker Ė something that they could have done weeks before.


2) I had to plead with the new customs broker to keep working with this account after they had decided to quit based on the problems that THEY were having with Globe Movers. In particular, they complained about the same things that I complained about - that they were forced to do Globe Moversí job -- coordinating the transfer of the shipment, calling all of the involved parties, etc. -- rather than just doing their job of customs clearance. And when Globe Movers were asked to pay them Ä 600 for their work, they delayed for a few days, and it was only after further phone calls and threats from me that they finally sent a check -- for Ä 520!(They did not understand how to go about converting currencies!)Once again there was another round of phone calls and more delay before this situation was resolved.


3) Because of all of the delays, the shipment accumulated a significant amount of storage charges. Again, rather than taking responsibility for resolving this situation, they kept negotiating with the original subcontractor to take care of these charges, further delaying the shipment (and increasing the storage charges).


In general, Globe Movers took a most passive role when problems arose, trying to get others to sort the problems out. Some problems should have been taken care of by their subcontractor, but we had paid Globe Movers to take care of the whole shipping process, and they had the ultimate responsibility for making sure that the shipment went through smoothly and quickly.When things went wrong, the responsibility for fixing things ended up inappropriately on our shoulders and those of the Italian customs broker.Part of their problem was a general lack of knowledge of their business.A couple of Italian companies asked me why Globe Movers knew so little about shipping in Italy.


In contacts with Globe Movers, it was clear to me that my receiving the shipment in a timely manner was not a priority to them. My requests for information and clarification was greeted with a "What does he want now!" attitude. Numerous phone calls and e-mail messages were not returned (in sharp contrast to the constant telephone calls I received from them when I was first looking for a shipping agent). After weeks of delay, one of Globe Moversí own employees asked me to try to convince her boss that the delivery of the shipment was important to us.When Megan, supposedly the person in charge, promised to resolve one of the issues by a certain time, this deadline was never, ever, not once met. In particular, she promised to come up with an acceptable resolution to make up for our additional costs by mid-August. We are still waiting for her proposal. And again, phone calls and e-mail messages are still not being acknowledged or returned.


I invited Globe Movers to respond to these complaints, and promised that I would post their response here.They, characteristically, did not respond.


When you need to ship items internationally, and you want fast, dependable service, DONíT USE GLOBE MOVERS!